Taiwanese Ghost Marriage: Notes from Taipei

About: I lived in Taiwan for thirteen months, most recently for a nine month stint from 2017-2018. While living in Taipei and studying Chinese, I heard a lot about ghost marriages. When I tried to research the subject, I discovered much of the popular and scholarly material was about China and not specific to Taiwan. … Continue reading Taiwanese Ghost Marriage: Notes from Taipei


Newsletters I Like (and make), 2018

Hot Pod (twice weekly, for the most part)A newsletter about podcasts -- what's new in the industry, what you should be listening to, and so on. Caroline Crampton (see below) assists. No Complaints (Weekly on Fridays)In No Complaints, curator Caroline Crampton shares a snippet of an interesting thing she read, along with a link. Fascinating and … Continue reading Newsletters I Like (and make), 2018

Wait. Do I teach “NPR Voice?”

I recently stumbled across this NYT article from 2015 on "NPR Voice". In it, Teddy Wayne decries what he describes as a "tic" but which really seems to be an entire delivery style. He sums it up as "semi-informal first-person narration". The style uses "looser language" and "generously employs pauses". He doesn't provide any audio examples … Continue reading Wait. Do I teach “NPR Voice?”

Black Panther, Blackface, and the Chinese Movie Market

At this point, I probably don't have to tell you that Black Panther is a significant film in dozens of ways. (If this is news to you, maybe this Time article will provide some perspective.) This article isn't about what Black Panther means for African Americans, for white non-Africans' perspective of Africa, or for actors and creators … Continue reading Black Panther, Blackface, and the Chinese Movie Market

Where are all the lady occult detectives?

I've got a serious soft spot for modern occult detectives. Investigating things that go bump in the night with a bit of first-person snark and a hefty dose of old-fashioned detective tropes? Trenchcoats and cigarettes and abandoned houses? Shady characters and dangerous liaisons? Sign me UP! I've been thinking about occult detective tropes because I … Continue reading Where are all the lady occult detectives?